The Funnel of Love: Dating Metrics and Marketing Yourself this Valentine’s Day


Heidi will be discussing how to use funnels in your business, as well as the fundamentals for writing great sales copy that converts. Add to Calendar. View Map View Map. Find out more about how your privacy is protected. Feb Actions and Detail Panel. Sales Ended.

Sales Funnel Metrics

Stay till the end for the best Tinder profiles in the bizzness. For those of you married or in happy relationships, read on and view from afar the technological wasteland of online dating. HOWEVER, applying a marketing funnel structure might help you manage the insanity that comes with courting inanimate digital profiles. Profile Image Rules: Stand proud, be well-groomed, look fresh, stay suave, and dress stylishly confident.

No topless selfies, skip hats and sunglasses. Men are more likely give the green light.

That’s how it used to be. Nowadays, dating is like building a sales funnel. Everybody is swiping and texting all over the place. People are on their.

Drumming up new business is actually quite a bit like dating. Just like in online dating, you have to put yourself out there to get noticed. Yes, you have a great product, but does the world know that? Probably not. One way to spread the word and drum up new leads is to tell people — through writing blogs and social media posts. Use blog posts to tout yourself as an expert in your industry and discuss the latest trends and problems around that topic.

Those searches will bring them to your site where, should you have a nifty little checklist, white paper or other offer alongside your content, presto, you have a new potential lead. For social media posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, you can link to your blog posts, of course, but you should also post more than just that. Woo potential leads by giving your social media posts some personality.

How To Build A Sales Funnel That Sells

However, the more you examine why marketing funnels are like the online dating scene, the more realistic the statement becomes. The stats on marketing funnel conversions vs. According to a SimpleTexting study , 7. That data suggests we need to court our leads with marketing strategies that mirror successful dating habits. In online dating, there is a lot that goes into building an online profile.

Anyone who has been persistent in sales while making a concerted effort not to The stats on marketing funnel conversions vs. online dating.

Tips and tricks for optimizing the sales funnel have been around since the Roaring 20s, [2] but with the changes in our personal interactions happening online, many of us could use an update. What are the latest best practices? Here are a few thoughts:. A bonus tip—use those metrics! Technology now facilitates split tests of the finest points of the sales process.

Is a call or an email the best second contact? Do well thought-out experiments and track the results. Over time, you can make your sales funnel more of a Slurpee straw that sucks customers right in. I’ve been in the CRM business since Prior to that, I was in marketing – focused on brand marketing. May 8, Michelle Scott Uncategorized. Here are a few thoughts: Figure your funnel. This is an older study from , but if you are still among the foot-draggers, stop reading now and go back to basics.

Filters: See the Data YOU Want to See

A website sales funnel is vital to your online marketing strategy. Read this guide to create a website sales funnels so you can get more leads in ! The easiest way around this is to build the funnel out like a website, or just make certain parts of a website function like a funnel. Website sales funnels are a user-friendly and effective way of gathering qualified leads.

In order for this to take place, a sales funnel consist of multiple’layers’ that include things like landing pages, opt-in forms, checkout pages and a lot more.

Fundamental to the success of many Internet companies, in particular information product based businesses, is the concept of the sales funnel. Many of the most well known Internet marketers established themselves in a niche and dominate by crafting a highly refined sales funnel process, guiding consumers through a tested and optimized channel of marketing and sales. The sales funnel begins by capturing the attention of prospects.

Some prospects are convinced to become buyers , who purchase an entry level product, demonstrating that they have a need for what is on offer and are willing to invest money to solve their problem. The sales funnel continues to nurture the best customers, filtering out mismatches and refining the specific target customer, offering them more specialized products and services, often at higher prices. By the end of the process the funnel has identified the ultra-responsive customers who purchase everything on offer and experience the most value and satisfaction from every purchase made.

It is from these ultra-responsive consumers that the majority of profits are made. In the following series I will introduce you to the sales funnel using simple language. I will teach you how to craft a sales funnel, including analysis of the front-end and back-end, and demonstrate why you must continuously test your funnel process to ensure long term success.

To open the series I will relate to you my story of how I was first introduced to the sales funnel online as a customer, which led to further exploration of the funnel by reviewing how other Internet marketers implement the funnel in their business. If you are not sure what a sales funnel is, the story below will clarify things for you. I first heard of the sales funnel about two years ago as I began to study online marketing seriously.

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What are the funnel stages? Example of dating sales funnel. And how to work with sales funnels. The sales funnel is the process that a customer goes through starting from getting to know your business and ending in making a purchase. The funnel is divided into several stages depending on the actions and motivation of the user. The product and business specifics will influence what actions the user takes inside the funnel.

Double your dating sales funnel Adult phone chats. by | Jan ​. Shares. I think there is a lot of skepticism over if the stuff that the gurus teach.

LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Marketing and sales are extremely important parts of life, not only in business, but also in your personal life. Marketing is basically everything. You only have two options. The AARRR conversion funnel is an important marketing concept in the lean startup philosophy , especially for online subscription businesses.

The main purpose of the AARRR funnel is to track actionable metrics in different purchasing stages, helping you measure the health of the customer base and optimize your sales funnel. The model can be used very well in your personal life too. It’s extremely marketing and sales oriented, but sometimes you need such an approach.

It may sound a little dull to apply business strategies, especially to your love life, but you only have two options at the end of the day.

The Sales Funnel of Dating

There are two key questions everyone managing a sales pipeline needs to know: what are the conversion ratios between key stages and how long does the sales process take for each stage. A sales funnel does not describe how buyers buy – it describes how sellers sell. While there are some obvious overlaps, how buyers buy and how sellers sell are two fundamentally different conversations.

Sales funnel metric will answer questions like who is closing the most opportunities per lead?

Heidi will be discussing how to use funnels in your business, as well as the fundamentals for writing great sales copy that converts. She is a.

Drive stronger brand awareness, greater sales, and ultimately more loyalty! April 6, by April Edwards Leave a Comment. I like to break it down like this:. Matchmakers arrange a relationship between two people that hopefully leads to marriage a long-term relationship. This may seem like a lot, but if you can get the basic principles down it will make all your marketing much easier to understand how it helps the bigger picture and how each initiative supports another to move that needle!

I can sometimes even get overwhelmed with all these marketing terms! The point is to have a framework to go by. If we first refer to a more traditional marketing funnel [from back in the day], the upper funnel was basically where marketing primarily lived. Everything after the first two stages in the upper funnel would then be handed off to sales.

These days, marketing needs to work much harder to set sales up for success, especially digital marketing. Digital marketing done right should yield you a higher return.

The Marketing and Sales Funnel: The Matchmaker’s Playbook

Try these: time management relationship advice healthy lifestyle money wealth success leadership psychology. You have to understand the marketing behind it. But making them work for your business takes knowledge and practice. The sales funnel represents the various stages that a potential customer goes through before making a purchase. At the top of the funnel your audience is larger, and prospects are narrowed down as the path continues.

The most successful businesses are there for every step of the journey, delivering the right message at the right time to move them toward making the desired purchase.

What date range is shown? For most companies the app will show your conversion rates for opportunities closed in the past days. However, if you’re a large.

Now, an email sales funnel —or email funnel—works in a similar way. And when you know how to do it you can convert more subscribers into customers than through any other marketing channel. Plus, you can get things set up and running in just a few hours if you do it right. In a rush? Want to download this article as a PDF so you can easily take action on it later? Click here to download this article as a PDF guide. You may have heard of the term email sales funnel before. Lots of different labels, but really, they all describe the same thing.

So the question is, what is the definition of an email sales funnel?

How to create a sales funnel

I understand how it feels, I was single for about 3 years previously. Let me tell you something, in the digital age, you are competing with a lot of other people. If you like someone, you have got to put in the effort. PS: I have a very unique background and thought process, so some of you may find this blog post weird and uncomfortable with, but some of you will love it!

We were engaged after five months of dating and were married four months for dating men that ultimately became my signature “Manfunnel” — the number.

Building meaningful relationships takes patience, generous nurturing, hard work and time. We all know that. Have you ever bought something off a dead cold email from a total stranger? Have you ever bought something off a Facebook Ad the very first time you laid eyes on it? The goal of marketing is not to make sales. The goal of marketing is to build value-based relationships with an audience. A sale is merely the logical consequence of such a relationship.

Without a relationship, there can be no sale. The marketing equivalent of the process that sees you trying to win the heart of that special someone is called a sales funnel. The sales funnel is the actualization of the wisdom that you should never sell at first sight.

How to Get New Top of Funnel Leads to Swipe Right

You know that if you toss a certain number of leads in at the top, you can expect a small percentage of deals to shake out at the bottom. I think I have some pipeline problems…. Buyers and daters are more empowered by choice and technology—which makes them more skeptical and picky than ever before. The reason?

In the sales cycle these would be your marketing qualified leads. At this point you’​ll flirt and if they flirt back hopefully it ends up in a date or.

The pressure on marketers to fill the sales funnel with sales ready leads is greater than ever, especially in this age of Internet marketing. But, the truth is that the healthiest sales funnel has a diverse mix of leads, not all of which are sales ready. Targeting a mix of leads across all three stages of the sales funnel is a productive way of maintaining a healthy flow of leads that mature into sales ready leads. Consider the dating analogy.

This is a first date. Your goal with TOFU leads is to build a relationship with these people. As in the dating analogy, people in the middle of your sales funnel are interested in getting to know more about you.

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